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Privacy Policy

According to article 13 of Law Decree dated June 30, 2003, number 196 (Codex, in the matter of personal data protection)

Il Porto srl has ownership of personal data handling of customers, suppliers, collaborators and all people voluntarily give us their vital statistics (directly, by telephone, by fax or e-mail). According to article 2 about purposes, Il Porto srl garantees the protection of personal data, respecting rights and fundamental freedoms, but also the dignity of person concerned. Purposes of personal data use: The data provided by you will be used in the performance of our booking services and in particular:

  • to write in business computer database the origin of the personal data;
  • to produce delivery note, invoices and credit note;
  • to produce estimates and offers to operative or potential customers;
  • to produce requests of offers to operative or potential suppliers;
  • to organise ordinary accounting and VAT;
  • to organise proceeds and payment;
  • to send commercial or technical note about our job to operative and potential customers;
  • to elaborate inner statistics about the degree of satisfaction of customers ( analysis of the quality of services and products) in order to improve the orientation towards demands of customers;

to satisfy legal and prescribed obligations, civil and fiscal law, EU law. Data communication and promulgation

Personal data of customers, suppliers and collaborators will not be publicized in no way by Al Porto srl. If necessary, personal data of person concerned may be publicized to:

  • all people having authority of access to these data , approved by regulatory actions;
  • our collaborators, workers, agents and suppliers, in range of their work and eventually contractual condition, about commercial relations with person concerned;
  • post offices, forwarder and couriers in order to send documents and materials;
  • suppliers of unified messaging services by internet, when we send letters and notices to customers about purposes of the treatment;
  • all natural/juridical, public/private people ( offices of legal, administrative and fiscal advice, offices of working advice for the compilation of pay slips, Judiciary Offices, Chamber of Commerce, Chamber and Offices of Work, exc.), only when the communication shows necessary or functional to the development of our activity and in ways and purposes above mentioned;
  • banking-house for the management of proceeds and payments deriving from the execution of agreements.

In these cases will be only communicated essential data and not excess. Nature of the collection and of the eventually lacking provision The provision of personal data by the side of people that want inaugurate a account with our company, also purely informational on our activities / services, is only optional, but their eventually lacking provision could involve the lacking continuation of connection, of its exact execution and of eventually law's fulfillment, also fiscal. Data are conserved at operational seat of our company, for the time provided for by civil and fiscal law.

Process handling

Personal data handling utilizes both paper pillar and information pillar with the observance of every precautionary measure in order to protect the security and the privacy. Data will oversee and protect in settings kept under. Owner of personal data handling The owner of personal data handling is Mr. Federico Moschella.

Right of access to personal data

Person concerned has a right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not existence of their personal data, also if they aren't registered, and their communication in intelligible form

Person concerned has a right to obtain indications:

  • of the origin of personal data, of purposes and process handling;
  • of Il Porto srl, in case of handling through electronic devices;
  • of personal data of the owner, of supervisors and of the attorney;
  • of people or of categories of people about which personal data can be communicated or can become acquainted with supervisors or appointee, acting as attorney assigned in the territory of the State.

Person concerned has a right to obtain:

  • the update, the rectification, that is when there is the integration of data;
  • the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the interruption of data handling in violation of law, included data of which isn't necessary the conservation in relation to purposes for whose data are been grouped or are later handled;

Person concerned has a right to take position against, in all or in part:

  • cause of legitimate reasons to personal data handling that concerns him, even if they are pertinent to the purpose of the collection;
  • to personal data handling that concerns him in order to send advertising material or direct sale, or to carry out market researches or of commercial communication.

Rights above mentioned could be used with request without owner formality or at one of supervisors, also for the vehicle of an appointee. The request aimed to the owner or to the supervisor could be sent also by a registered letter, telefax or email.